A massive brain trauma robbed fashionable young Louise of the shallow currency she'd banked on all her life, and the resulting struggle is a page-turner in which a person's very soul deepens before your eyes.  Louise: Amended rewards a reader's time-a must read." - Mary Karr

How do you go from being a girl who thinks beauty and glamour are everything to someone who has to learn how to live-and thrive-without them? A brain injury should do it.

A beautiful young woman is about to embark on the life of her dreams-California! Glossy journalism! French boyfriend!-only to suffer a brain bleed that leaves her with double vision, facial paralysis, and a dragging foot. A darkly funny portrait of sudden disability and painstaking recovery, Louise: Amended presents not only the author's perspective, but the reaction of her loved ones-in fictional interludes, we see what it must have been like for Louise's boyfriend to bathe her, or for her mother to apply lipstick to her nearly immobile mouth. Challenging the notion that one person's tragedy in a single person's story, this unflinching portrait depicts a dismantling-and rebirth-of an entire family. 


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